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    Business Pricing Experts
    Find out how Utilise can save your business
    time and money.
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    Spot Pricing
    Power at wholesale prices
    straight from the wholesale market.

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    Spot Pricing + Cap
    Wholesale power pricing
    that won't go through the roof.

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    Fixed Price Wholesale
    Power pricing at a fixed rate,
    providing certainty and peace of mind

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    Take the
    power challenge.
    Put us to the test and find out
    how much you can save.


Who is Utilise? 


We are a progressive group of energy and utility specialists delivering sharper electricity pricing to New Zealand businesses. 

Our customers receive customised pricing developed around their business consumption through the day, week and season.

The Utilise edge combines the use of smart meter technology, proprietary pricing software and a lean business approach. This means we pass through the best possible energy price to you.

The Utilise team has considerable experience as business owners and operators in sales, service, energy generation and trading. We pride ourselves on providing energy at customised prices, simplified billing and great customer service.

Take a minute to look at our services.
We're sure you'll be impressed and find ways for Utilise to 
save you time and money.



Our customers

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